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DockShell is a sophisticated LightSwitch shell extension that allows you to utilize your existing 3rd Party controls such as Telerik to support all of your LightSwitch naviagtion needs within a Ribbon Bar and Windows Docking framework. DockShell removes the complexity of leveraging your Ribbon and Docking controls within your LightSwitch applications. Using your Ribbon and Docking controls, DockShell will allow you to produce highly functional and polished Line Of Businses (LOB) applications for your users in a matter of minutes. Be sure to check out what's new

If you require assistance, please do not hesistate to contact us directly through outr contact us page.


Lightswitch Telerik DockShell Shell Extension

DockShell wraps 3rd party controls through a provider model and as such DockShell is not restricted to any specific 3rd party Ribbon Docking controls. 

We are creating additional providers for other popular ribbon/docking 3rd party control vendors however it is also possible for you to build your own provider and we will gladly provide you assistance to ensure your success!

Please let us know if you have a specific 3rd party set of controls you would like us to support. We welcome your feedback regarding your LightSwitch navigation and docking control requirements.

DockShell provides you a clear separation between UI from core Navigation concerns and offers full extensibility on both look as well as functionality for your LightSwitch application which will greatly enhance the user experience.

To learn more about DockShell and its features please refer to the DockShell documention found here.

Check out the demonstration videos.

We have a number of other highly innovative products that we will be announcing soon so please fly back often to keep informed on our latest innovations.

The SoftLanding Team